July 12, 2017 ~ Georgetown Film Conference & The Palace Theater

Georgetown Film Conference


All the buzz lately has been about this year’s Georgetown Film Conference coming up this autumn, so in true form the Network Austin Mixer is making sure our audience learns all about it and more by featuring a fascinating panel of guest speakers from the conference, as well as the Georgetown Palace Theater, all gracing our stage at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill on Wednesday, July 12th. They will offer vital information about the film conference to which all are invited, as well as a casting opportunity for a couple of upcoming theater productions at the Palace!

Meet this month’s illustrious panel:

Cindy Weigand, Director of the Georgetown Film Conference
Cindy considers herself primarily a writer having written screenplays for 2 feature films and 1 for a short film. She is also writing a novel inspired by the life of her great uncle who was a pilot in the 1920s. President of BAR-O-BAR Entertainment LLC, Cindy is working on a documentary about the formerly incarcerated with a focus on one man’s journey. Cindy’s day job is working as a substitute teacher. For fun, she enjoys hiking and putting on padded spandex shorts and riding on a skinny bicycle seat for 40 miles.

Jackie Villanueva, Director of Social Media & Advertising for the Georgetown Film Conference
Jackie currently works in advertising for the San Antonio Express News. An award-winning film producer, she has served as Public Relations Director for the Austin Latino Film Association, and has volunteered for the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), as well as for film events throughout Central Texas. She can also be seen throughout the ComicCon circuit working as public relations manager, or volunteering in the hope of finally meeting Stan Lee. In her free time, Jackie likes to watch old science fiction and horror films with her cat, Cornelius, whom she named after Dr. Cornelius in Planet of the Apes.

Jonathan Young, MFA, AEA, Certified SAFD Instructor, and Director of Education & Interim Executive Director of the Palace Theater of Georgetown
Jonathan was a NYC-based Equity actor and voice artist before joining the team at the Palace. Now represented by Erin Franklin at Agence Talent, he works right here in Central Texas, recently appearing in spots for TexPress Lanes and in industrials for Texas Mutual Insurance. He holds a BA in Directing from UCSB and and MFA in Acting from Brandeis University. Some roles under his belt and places he’s performed include:
Stage – The Man Who Came to Dinner; Candlelight Pavilion, The Cat and the Canary and Anna Christie, Berkshire Theatre Group; All in the Timing, Theatre 54 NYC
Tours – National Theatre for Children, American Family Theatre, New York Dinner Theatre
TV – 30 Rock, The Onion Sports Network, and Mysteries at the Museum

Next season Jonathan will direct the Santaland Diaries, as well as cast a couple of plays he’s producing utilizing paid non-Equity actors at the Palace. So bring your same-size headshot & résumé stapled back-to-back for his consideration!

Jonathan also staffs the educational programs at the Palace Theater, and invites anyone interested in teaching students ages 3-18 in any and all performing arts disciplines to bring a résumé to this mixer.

Join us at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill on Wednesday, July 12th! Meet like minds, socialize and network, enjoy a great meal and drink, and get important insights from our panel! Our program will end with a Q & A session, so bring your questions for our panel. And remember those headshots & résumés for the casting & teaching opportunities, too. See you there!


Last Month

We extend our deepest thanks to Jason Teresi & Ellen Lloyd for their excellent presentation on Wednesday, June 14th, Behind the Scenes: Realities of the Casting Process.
This rare, behind-the-scenes look at the casting process shed light on exactly how casting directors receive and manage submissions, and revealed the most effective techniques actors use to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Their insights about Breakdown Services and Actor’s Access, along with the visual presentation, were comprehensive and empowering. We deeply appreciate your time and energy, Jason & Ellen!


Come on out and join us at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill @ 9012 Research Blvd. (SE corner 183 & Burnet) on Wednesday, July 12th! Sherlock’s is a cool place with great food, drinks, and hospitality. Arrive early for a drink & dinner, network and meet new friends, enjoy a fun-filled evening with other guests, and get great info. Plenty of parking, too!

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