June 14, 2017 ~ Breakdown Services

Breakdown Services

Breakdown Services

Thanks to the internet we can now access information almost instantaneously, and this ability has changed just about everyone’s lives and business in general, including the film & television entertainment industries.

Enter Breakdown Services.

On Wednesday, June 14th our guest speakers will be Jason Teresi & Ellen Lloyd of Breakdown Services, who will volunteer their time and expertise so that we may learn first-hand just how important and powerful Breakdown Services is regarding casting.

The program will begin with introductions of our speakers who’ll go on to offer an overview of Breakdown Services, including what they do and how they affect careers. Afterward they’ll dive into their presentation. Then, time permitting, the floor will open to the audience for a short session of Q&A.

Topic: Behind the Scenes – Realities of the Casting Process

This rare, behind-the-scenes look at the casting process will shed light on exactly how casting directors receive and manage submissions, and reveal the most effective techniques actors use to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

  • See live demonstrations of actor & agent submissions from a casting director’s point of view.
  • Understand the realities of the speed and numbers involved.
  • Learn to avoid the most common submission “mistakes”.
  • Uncover the myths and misconceptions of the selection process.
  • Discover the keys to creating the long-term working casting director relationships that sustain and elevate careers.

About the Speakers

Jason Teresi

Jason Teresi, Director
Regional Services

Born and raised in Chicago, Jason attended DePaul Theatre School and Columbia College Theatre School. After graduating in 1995 and moving to Los Angeles, and wanting to work somewhere in the industry and avoid waiting tables, he started working at Showfax, which was soon bought out by Breakdown Services. Jason was employed by both companies for over 8 years which gave him a unique look at other aspects of the entertainment industry and a better working knowledge of how talent agents & casting directors operate. In 2006, he moved back to Chicago as Director of Regional Services for Breakdown Services, his current role.

Ellen Lloyd

Ellen Lloyd

Following several moves as a child of the US Air Force, Ellen was raised chiefly in Sacramento, and went on to earn a degree in English at Brigham Young University. Left aimless, as so many with an English degree often are, she decided to follow her true passion, moving to Los Angeles in hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry. Working in a production office and an agency, Ellen found her way to Breakdown Services where she learned about the casting process from the ground up. After 5 years in LA, she moved to Austin where she now works as a representative for Breakdown Services assisting the actors, agents, and casting directors of the South Central and South East regions.

Breakdown Services Interesting History

Begun in 1971, before personal computers and the internet, Gary Marsh would go to the studios in Los Angeles and read the only scripts available. Gary would create the breakdowns and then hand deliver them to talent agents.

Fast forward to today, when Breakdown Services is recognized by the Casting Society of America (CSA) as a preferred online resource. As the primary distributor of casting breakdowns, it is used by CSA casting directors throughout North America.

So join us on Wednesday, June 14 @ Sherlock’s Pub & Grill, get important insights, meet like minds, socialize and network, and have a great meal and drink or two.


Last Month

We extend our deepest THANK YOU to Brad Burton, CSA, and Kimberly Burton, CSA, of Burton Casting, and Donise L. Hardy, CSA, of A Casting Place for speaking on our second panel of Casting Directors on Wednesday May 10th. These hard-working professionals are the decision makers as to who gets invited to audition for roles, and we’re grateful to them all for their time, passion, and insights!

Come on out and join us at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill @ 9012 Research Blvd. (SE corner 183 & Burnet) on Wednesday, June 14th! Sherlock’s is a cool place with great food, drinks, and hospitality. Arrive early for a drink & dinner, network and meet new friends with like minds, enjoy a fun-filled evening with other guests, and get the info you need to know about casting directors and landing roles. Plenty of parking, too!

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