January 11, 2017 ~ Talent Agent Panel, Part 1


Panel of Talent Agents #1


Talent Agent Panel


Happy New Year! We are starting 2017 just as we start every year: with a Bang – 2 panels of Talent Agents! Our first panel will be on Wednesday, January 11th and the next will be on Wednesday, February 8th. This is a must for everyone in the entertainment industry, and especially anyone serious about an acting career better be at both mixers.

Talent agents are those hard-working people who represent us in the industry in order to set us up for auditions with casting directors and negotiate contracts on our behalf. Plus they get the latest info about what’s happening in the biz, which is exactly what our attendees can expect from this panel. Agents will be introduced and provide a brief overview of their respective agencies and experience, after which the floor will open to Qs&As.

Non-represented talent currently seeking representation is encouraged to bring at least 5 sets of same-size headshots & résumés stapled back-to-back for placement at a designated table upon arrival, preferably prior to the beginning of the program, so that each agent can have your submission package to review when they leave.

This month’s panel consists of the following top-notch talent agents:

Liz Atherton, owner of The Atherton Group (TAG)

Heather Collier, owner of Collier Talent

Veronica Kelley-Albiez, owner of DVA Talent

Tory Christopher, owner of Tory Christopher Group

Jessica Hovind, owner of Variant Talent

There may be more, so stay tuned by keeping up with us on our website, mailing list, and social media. This is a very important Mixer that you do not want to miss… so join us!


Last Month

We are extremely grateful to Heather Page for being our guest speaker on Wednesday, December 14th! We are indeed quite fortunate to have Heather as Director of the Texas Film Commission, and we all witnessed her passion and openness at December’s Mixer when she stayed around after her magnificent presentation and addressed every person who wanted to speak with her. Heather has numerous attributes that make her so effective as director, administering the state’s film, television, and digital incentives: The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIIP). She has been on the front lines (cinematographer), is brilliant and passionate, knows how to get things done, listens and communicates very effectively, and is constantly coming up with new ideas about how to expand the incentive programs and bring more production to Texas. Now that’s class, folks. Thank you, Heather, and we look forward to having you back again!


Come on out and join us on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, arrive early for a cold margarita, network and meet new friends with like minds, enjoy a fun-filled evening with other guests and get the info you need to know about these talent agents, what they do, what they are looking for, landing the roles, upcoming projects and more!
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Mixing & Networking @ 6:00PM, Announcements @ 6:30, Speakers @ 6:45
Followed by More Mixing & Mingling and Networking

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