November 11, 2015 Talent Showcase

Second Annual Talent Showcase

2nd Talent Showcase

It’s time for The Network Austin Mixer’s 2nd Annual Talent Showcase! Yes, dear friends and fellow entertainers, starting at 6:30PM (earlier than usual) at Baby A’s on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, we will present an interesting cadre of characters with weird habits and colorful attitudes (often known as actors, singers, and artists) ready & willing to expose our audience to their creative energies and expert showmanship.

We have 25 acts booked! Yes, you read that right. Nowhere in town will you find 25 acts for FREE! Everything from monologues to stand-up; belly dancing to gospel singers; and various other sundry acts of bohemian passion. This will be an evening of hilarious fun and insanity, with talent agents in attendance scoping out the undiscovered geniuses before us. Of course, attendance is mandatory (wink, wink) and will (absolutely 100% guaranteed) add 4 years and 7 months to your life!

Needless to say, you will not want to miss this spectacle of human drama, intense and infectious emotions, song and laughter, so we suggest one simple way to make sure you are there to enjoy this once-a-year Talent Showcase: Come and join us on Wednesday, November 11th. Arrive early for a cold margarita, network and meet new friends with like minds, enjoy a fun-filled evening with other guests and enjoy 25 acts before they make super-stardom! And all for free and starting at 6:30PM – earlier than normal due to the number of acts! See you there.…


Last Month…

We extend our deepest thanks to Jason Teresi for giving us a very detailed and informative presentation about Breakdown Services & Actors Access at last month’s mixer! Not only did Jason guide us in navigating the website interface, he expounded on the to DOs & DON’Ts, offered professional opinions, and presented his keen insights in a knowledgeable, humorous, and passionate way. Jason then went on to address numerous questions from the audience.

And many thanks to Samantha Levine, Cam Ray, and Pato Elizondo for coming to tell us about this year’s Austin Film Festival and gifting attendees a special discount promo code. Hope many of you caught some films & fun at this annual Austin event!


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NOTICE: We all know rush hour traffic is horrendous, so.… Please carpool and leave in time to arrive early. If Baby Acapulco’s parking lot is full:

  • You may park at the Super 8 Motel (just south of Baby A’s) for $8. Be sure to pay the desk person at Super 8 Motel when you park there so your vehicle doesn’t get towed and DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF DUMPSTERS!
  • If you drive south another 2 blocks, there is on-the-street parking available.

Mixing & Networking begin @ 6PM, then the Talent Showcase starts @ 6:30.

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  1. Hi, my name is Emily-Monet. I’m with Tory Christopher Group and I’m interested in participating in the showcase. Please let me know if there’s a little room for me to do a short scene. I appreciate it.

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