2nd Annual Talent Showcase

Thanks to ALL the Talent & Agents!


So much talent, so little time, so the show swiftly got under way.

This year’s Talent Showcase fell on Veterans‘ Day, so we began by honoring the veterans among the talent, agents, and in the audience, of which there were many. L. Renée Hall, a veteran herself, spoke a few beautiful words of gratitude, and Kenny Peters graced us with an especially heartfelt rendition of our United States of America’s National Anthem.

Before getting on with the show-after-the-show, the Network Austin Mixer would like to express appreciation for others who stepped up such as Brandi Brown who made timekeeping for the event fun, as well as L. Renée Hall who arrived extra early to set up tables and then some.

Where would all that talent be without representation? The night presented immense opportunity for top talent agents to see what our local talent is made of. Thanks so much to these guests for attending:
Jason Lee of Acclaim Talent Agency
Carleen Lucas of Tory Christopher Group
Romie Szal & David Brown of K Hall Agency
Laura Maxwell-Scott & Jessica Sloan of Collier Talent Agency
Liz Lyons Atherton & Jorge Elizondo of The Atherton Group-TAG Talent Agency

And thanks to our regular volunteers, Forrest Walls who collected & distributed headshots & resumés and Judith Ruder who emceed. Thank goodness, too, for our core members: Donise Hardy who plans every detail precisely & exquisitely and Gary Wimmer who deftly deals with audio amid a myriad of challenges, all the while warmly greeting guests.

Of course, what’s the use of performing if nobody’s watching? It wouldn’t be a showcase without our amazing, enthusiastic audience comprised of newbies and old-timers and everyone in between, and so many loaded with talent themselves. Thanks for coming, and do please come back on December 9th, when we get to meet the City of Austin’s new Film Commissioner, and then again the 2nd Wednesday in January, then February, skip March (SXSW), and then so on.

For those who missed the show or just wish to reminisce, here’s a taste of videos to whet your appetite, maybe more to come. So keep checking back here and on our Talent Showcase 2015 playlist and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up! Beneath the videos take a stroll through our slideshows. Many thanks to Joe H. Lee of Studio J. Star, L. Renée Hall, Bill E. Mixon, and Myrna Hawkins for shooting these stills and moving footage so we wouldn’t have to rely on mere memory to re-experience the joy and excitement of that evening.

Now onto our after-show.… Enjoy!

Mr. Sullivan and the Moonrunners Bring Back a Bit of James Brown
Videographed by Myrna Hawkins
Actor Scott Anson Performs the “Temptation” Monologue by Václav-Havel
Videographed by L. Renée Hall
Song in Harmony by For His Glory Ensemble: “What a Love”
Videographed by Bill E. Mixon
Photos from L. Renée Hall
Photos from Joe H. Lee of Studio J. Star ~ Set 1
Christopher Sullivan Christopher Sullivan Ani Jarrett Jarard Kenneth Kevin Boff Kenny Peters Carlton Caudle Gregory C. Driscoll Christopher Sullivan Christopher Sullivan Christopher Sullivan Austen Silver Scott Anson
Photos from Joe H. Lee of Studio J. Star ~ Set 2
Christopher Sullivan Michael Angelo Hall Natalie C. Houchins June Julian Adrian Casas Kenny Peters Denise Garza Wasner Ani Jarrett Sarah Logan Hayes & Caleb Aaron Dobbs Austen Silver Marissa Reyes Sarah Logan Hayes & Caleb Aaron Dobbs Natalie C. Houchins Carlton Caudle Phara Jarard Kenneth Christopher Sullivan Jarard Kenneth L. Renée Hall Jay Reher Kenny Peters Denise Garza Wasner Phara Carlton Caudle Christopher Sullivan Lianne Valerio Hames

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