August 12, 2015

Carlton Caudle

Carlton Caudle

On Wednesday, August 12th the Network Austin Mixer will feature a man who has been acting just a little more than a year! Why? Well, ask yourself this: How does one who is relatively new to acting find great opportunities, success, and doors continuing to open? Carlton Caudle, our guest speaker on Wednesday, August 12th, can answer those questions and a lot more.

Carlton’s success is certainly no accident. In the relatively short time he’s been acting, he has become SAG eligible, worked with 4 Oscar winners, is under contract for a network game show, and has been cast in several roles in film & TV, as well as commercials for Ford, IBM, Taco Cabana, and other major companies.

Many of you may know Carlton from the large independent actors group he manages, Central Texas Actors Group (CTAG), which boasts casting directors & talent agents among its members. An actor support group, CTAG has over 900 members and 1,500 in the queue requesting to join. CTAG offers get-together meetings, and information & advice on booking, acting classes, carpooling, volunteer opportunities, and much more.

Learn from a “quick learner” as Carlton expounds how to get started acting, audition (and submit even if you aren’t represented), get an agent, land speaking roles in movies & TV, get noticed via social media sites, and how to take care of you while you continue to be told “NO”. Carlton thinks outside the box, creates opportunities, and will inspire our attendees to do likewise. He is looking forward to sharing what he’s learned, along with what he would do differently.

So join us on Wednesday, August 12th at the Central Location of Baby Acapulco’s on IH35. Arrive early for a “Happy Hour” cold margarita, network and meet new folks with like minds, enjoy a fun-filled evening with other guests, and get insights from Carlton Caudle… while you can, before Hollywood steals him from us!

Last Month…

We extend our deepest thanks to Ted Meredith, Shaun Branigan, Billy Brooks, and Angie Sardiña-Fernández from Esther’s Follies for being our guest speakers on Wednesday, July 8th. What a funny and crazy panel they were! We laughed from the moment they took the stage… and long after they left it. Why? Because their raw, infectious, and wild humor poured over us like a tsunami, drenching us with their wit and wonderment. It’s no wonder Esther’s Follies has been such a great success for decades. It’s all due to excellent talent, timing and writing. If you have not yet been to Esther’s Follies, do not delay any longer. Attendance has been declared mandatory. Laughter is indeed the best medicine and their show is a massive onslaught of continuous, gut-tickling, contemporary insanity – the good kind! Thanks to all of them, and we look forward to having them back!


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NOTICE: We all know rush hour traffic is horrendous, so.… Please carpool and leave in time to arrive early. If Baby Acapulco’s parking lot is full:

  • You may park at the Super 8 Motel (just south of Baby A’s) for $8. Be sure to pay the desk person at Super 8 Motel when you park there so your vehicle doesn’t get towed and DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF DUMPSTERS!
  • If you drive south another 2 blocks, there is on-the-street parking available.

Mixing & Networking begin @ 6PM, then the Speaker starts @ 6:45.

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