December 11, 2013

Jason Konopisos

Jason Konopisos

Jason Konopisos

Jason Konopisos was raised since age of 3 in Houston Texas. Shortly after attending the University of Dallas, where he studied Existential-Phenomenology, he began performing stand up comedy. Stand up led to acting and writing and Jason wrote his first screenplay at 24. Now 10 years later Jason has authored over 30 feature screenplays, several TV pilots and a number of plays. Currently, three films he has written are in production Irish Pride (dev.), Forgotten Sons (pre.) and Tia Juana (dev.). Jason was recently tapped to write the Feature film adaptation of a popular TV series, which will go into production 2014 (series name not currently public). Additionally, Jason has appeared in over 30 films/tv series as an actor. His company Uberflukt Films, along with Remy Carter, has produced a number of features and looks to start filming on two features in 2014.

After the Mixer…

We extend our deepest thanks to Jason Konopisos for being our Guest Speaker on December 11! He shared his insights about numerous aspects of the buziness, and as a writer, director, actor and producer, he knows them! He answered numerous questions, and both his passion and his knowledge were evident in every word he spoke. Thanks, Jason! A great presentation!

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