October 9, 2013

Austin Film Festival 2013

Austin Film Festival 2013

Dear Film, Game, Music and Entertainment People, Friends, Investors and Fans,

WHAT: The Network Austin Mixer
WHEN: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 9, 2013 – Networking starts 6 PM
WHERE: Baby Acapulco’s – 5610 North IH-35, Austin TX 78751
WHO: Everyone involved in film, game, TV, and entertainment media… and YOU!
GUEST SPEAKERS: A panel from the Austin Film Festival!

The Austin Film Festival is from October 24-31! And on Wed Oct 9 we are honored to have as our Guest Speakers at THE NETWORK AUSTIN MIXER three talented and hard-working folks from The Austin Film Festival: Fernando Martinez (Volunteer coordinator), Matt Dy (Screenplay competition), and Ryan Darbone (Film Department Director). These three will inform us about many aspects concerning the Festival, and everyone should attend this Mixer. SEE: http://www.austinfilmfestival.com/festivalandconference/

Actors, filmmakers, writers, directors, and others in film communities from across the globe will attend the Festival from October 24-31… and you should as well. It’s an informative networking opportunity with a lot of great films… and a BLAST! This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about AFF and the festival, so please join us on Wed Oct 9 @ Baby A’s, starting at 6 PM!

Austin Film Festival furthers the art and craft of filmmaking by inspiring and championing the work of screenwriters, filmmakers and all artists who use the language of film to tell a story.

Founded in 1993, Austin Film Festival (AFF) was the first organization of its kind to focus on the writers’ creative contribution to film. AFF originally consisted of the Heart of Film Screenwriters Conference, a forum for craft development, inspiration, networking and launching careers created for screenwriters – the film industry’s historically under-represented, as evidenced by the recent writers’ strike. It has since grown to serve all filmmakers and Austin’s arts community and now encompasses a wealth of year-round programming dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the art and impact of storytelling.

What AFF is probably best known for around the world is its annual October Austin Film Festival & Conference. The Film Festival & Conference was the first event of its kind to take the lead in bringing professional and amateur screenwriters (and now filmmakers) together to celebrate the role of the screenplay in filmmaking and discuss the considerable creative possibilities of writing for film and television. Equally important, the Conference brought producers, agents and screenwriters together to foster the sale of screenplays and launch long-term successful careers. Hundreds of writers’ groups, services and festivals have followed the Conference’s model over the past ten years, reinforcing the value of its continuing mission to recognize the art of screenwriting.

Past participants of the Festival & Conference include Sydney Pollack, Wes Anderson, James L. Brooks, Joel & Ethan Coen, Russell Crowe, Barry Levinson, Robert Altman, Darren Star, Robert Duvall, Buck Henry, Dennis Hopper, Lawrence Kasdan, John Landis, Claire Danes, Garry Shandling, Susannah Grant, Bryan Singer, Oliver Stone, Sandra Bullock, Jason Schwartzman, Harold Ramis and Owen Wilson, to name just a few. SEE: http://www.austinfilmfestival.com/

We extend our deepest thanks to Robert Tolaro (Director, actor and stage manager) for being our Guest Speaker on Wed Aug 14! He was truly inspiring and he discussed his many years in the business, acting, stage management, directing, and more. Robert’s great sense of humor matches his insights, and it was an exciting evening for all. Thanks, Robert.

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Join us on Wednesday Oct 9 at Baby A’s, have a cold margarita, network and meet new folks with like minds, and enjoy a fun-filled evening with our Guest Speakers from the Austin Film Festival, our attendees, our discussions, and the numerous insights you will receive.

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